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SAP Training Bangalore provides real-time and placement focused SAP IDM Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore. Our SAP IDM course covers all the concepts from basic to advanced level and our SAP IDM course is designed to provide placement in top MNC companies in Bangalore as soon as students complete the SAP IDM training course successfully. Our SAP IDM trainers are SAP IDM certified experts and experienced working professionals with hands on real time multiple SAP IDM projects knowledge. Our SAP IDM course content and syllabus is designed based on student’s requirement to achieve everyone's career goal. 

SAP IDM training in Bangalore provided by Experts from Bangalore. We provide all the SAP IDM trainings based on corporates standards that help students to be prepared for industries. SAP Training Bangalore is one of the best result oriented SAP Training Institute in Bangalore, offers best practically, experimental knowledge in SAP IDM in our centres at Marathahalli, Bangalore. At our Institute SAP IDM is conducted by 6+ years of experience in managing real-time projects working in MNC's. 

Our Institute is the best SAP IDM training centre in Bangalore with a very high end infrastructure and advanced lab facilities. The most unique feature about our SAP IDM Training is that candidates can opt multiple SAP training modules at Bangalore location. We feel proud to announce that SAP Training Bangalore prepares thousands of candidates for SAP training at affordable fees structure, We provide remote server access to practice at your convenience from our office or your Home to understand the concepts and get real time hands on Experience.

We also provide 100% Placement Support with our tie ups with multiple MNC's and Consultancies, we help our students in placement by providing Mock Interviews, Interview Questions and Answers and Real-time case Scenarios used in live projects.

SAP IDM Course Content

SAP Identity Management IDM Course Content

 SAP Identity Management (IDM)
 Describing SAP Identity Management
 SAP ldM Architecture
 Installation of SAP ldM 7.2 and 8.0
 Installing the Identity Center Database
 Installing and Configuring the Identity Management User Interface
 Defining the JDBC Connection for the JMX Layer
 Configuring the JMX Layer (Java System Properties)
 Initial Configuration of IdM
 SAP ldM Data Model
 Create an Identity Store and Custom Attributes
 Adding user to the Identity Store
 General Access (Self Services Tab)
 Access to Monitoring (Monitoring Tab)
 Configuring the Language Settings for the Identity Management User Interface
 General Access to Identity Management User Interface
 Access to Manager and Administrator Tabs
 Integrating Identity Management User Interface in the SAP NetWeaver Portal
 Importing Predefined Contents for the SAP NetWeaver Portal
 Verifying the Portal Integration of the Identity Management User Interface
 Connect to SAP ldM
 Import SAP Delivered Packages

 Creating Forms
 Import SAP Delivered Forms
 Create a Form
 Create and Modify Form
 Customizing Search Results
 Implement a Default Search Form and Customize Search Results
 Implementing a Custom User Interface

 Creating Jobs
 Create a Job Definition
 Enable Delta Functionality
 Creating a Repository
 Creating Repository Jobs
 Run a Repository Job
 Implementing Scripts
 Create a Script
 Link a Script

Provisioning and Workflow
 Creating Processes
 Extend the Process
 Attach a Process to a Form
 Auditing the Task Execution Process
 Use the Provisioning Audit
 Describing the SAP Provisioning Framework
 Assigning Privileges
 Provision a User and Assign Privileges
 How to maintain SAP HANA privileges
 SAP HANA authorization concept

 Creating Business Roles
 Create and Assign Business Roles
 Defining Automatic Role Assignments
 Create and Recalculate Dynamic Groups

Approval Workflow
 Deactivate a user
 Configuring Approval Workflows
 Implement an Approval Workflow
 Sending Notifications
 Activate Approval Notification
 Customize Standard Message Templates
 Storing Information with Pending Value Objects (PVO) and Context Variables
 Access Context Variables
 Implementing Automatic Approve/Decline of Role Requests
 Implement Automatic Approve/Decline

Context-Based Assignments
 Installation of SAP HANA Multi-Tenant DB
 Defining Context
 Create a Context Type
 Creating Guided Activity Tasks
 Create a Guided Task to Request Roles
 Provisioning Context Toward Backend Systems
 Provision Context
 Assigning Automatic and Conditional Context
 Use Automatic Context
 Use Conditional Context

SAP ldM and Other SAP Systems
 Provisioning a User to AS ABAP
 Provisioning a User to AS JAVA
 Provisioning a User to AD

Advanced Tasks
 Run Housekeeping Procedures
 Accessing the Identity Center Database
 Browse the Table Structure
 Debugging Entries
 Configure the Trace Entry Type
 Optimizing the Performance of SAP ldM
 Perform the SQL Performance Trace
 Explaining the Reporting Tools
 Create an ldM Report
 Resetting Passwords

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